Bulloch County

Board of Commissioners

Minutes ● August 29, 2017

              Work Session              North Main Annex Community Room              5:00 PM

                            115 North Main St, Statesboro, GA 30458

I.              Call to Order

Chairman Thompson welcomed guests and called the meeting to order.

II.              Invocation and Pledge

Chairman Thompson gave the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.

III.              Roll Call

Attendee Name




Ray Mosely




Robert Rushing




Anthony Simmons




Curt Deal




Roy Thompson




Walter Gibson




Jappy Stringer





The following staff were present: County Manager Tom Couch, Assistant County Manager Andy Welch, Chief Financial Officer Whitney Richland, Solid Waste Director Fred White, County Attorney Jeff Akins, Interim Shop Superintendent Johnnie Martin, and Transportation Director Dink Butler.


IV.              Work Session-Solid Waste

Chairman Thompson called on County Manager Tom Couch to begin his presentation. Mr. Couch provided an overview of Solid Waste operations and also discussed some current issues facing solid waste to include: 1) recycling market unit prices are down except for cardboard and paper; 2) bulk waste is increasing at the convenience centers; 3) more convenience centers are still needed to meet the demands; 4) shortage of drivers and high turnover; and 5) limited enforcement for violations of the County's ordinances.


He discussed some possible remedies to the current issues to included: 1) prohibiting scrap tires, construction, and demolition waste; 2) the creation of a bagster pickup service; 3) policy and ordinance changes concerning the definition of bulk waste; 4) contracting with private providers; 5) improve enforcement capabilities through ordinance and policy amendments; 6) closed unmanned sites and add manned sites; 7) create a vehicle decal system to identify residents of the unincorporated areas; 8) limit yard waste to specific centers; 9) eliminate free services or charge a fee for services provided to Georgia Driver Services, Georgia State Patrol, Ogeechee Technical College, and Georgia Forestry Commission; 10) establish fees for cardboard recycling pickup at private businesses; 11) establish a curbside pickup system and have fees incorporated on the property tax bill.


Solid Waste Director Fred White stated that he wants to make sure the County is providing the best services to its citizens. He suggested the following recommendations: close all centers on Tuesdays and Thursdays; work toward improving ordinances and policies to address violations. He stated a lot of the responsibility falls on the citizens to comply with the County’s guidelines.


After some discussion, Mr. Couch recommended composing a list of the discussed remedies and presenting them back to the Board for action.

V.              Commission and Staff Comments

Commissioner Mosley extended an invitation for the Willow Hill Heritage Festival scheduled for September 2-3, 2017. Chairman Thompson thanked everyone for their comments and input.

VI.              Adjourn

Hearing no further comments from the commissioners and staff, Chairman Thompson called for a motion to adjourn.

1.              A motion was made to adjourn.

RESULT:              Approved [Unanimous]

MOVER:              Anthony Simmons, Commissioner

SECONDER:              Curt Deal, Commissioner

AYES:              Mosley, Rushing, Simmons, Deal, Gibson, Stringer





Olympia Gaines, Clerk